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Thanks everyone....

Barry Irby
The idea of cleaning it never occurred to me. Duhh!

And that an upcut spiral bit would be harder to grasp that a straight bit did not occur to me either. Now I grasp that the bit is trying to screw itself out of the collet. No wonder the straight bits worked fine and the trouble came with the spiral one. I was running it in a fairly snug guide bushing and the guide bushing was almost touching the surface. That thing had to pull the debris up though the guide bushing like a drill bit. Now I see why trimming the work piece on the bandsaw so that it was only taking half a bite and letting the chips fly is a better idea. I was thinking it would balance the forces on the bit to let it plough the workpiece rather than trim the edge.

I love woodworking. Much to learn. Think Pooh Bear, Think.

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