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Re: Agree (long comment)

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
AGREE 100%. I am 76 years old. Some of the occupations and exposures to "Dangerous substances" I have had were ~

Steel mills 1960's, washed stenciling off oil well pipe with Toluene until I passed out. Sent home with smelling salts - no apparent farther issues. Exposed to many fumes, solvents soot etc.

Gas stations 1960's -70's ~ repaired many automobile brakes, used to wash many glazed brake shoes in gasoline then buff on wire wheel till clean - "asbestos linings". Innumerable times swallowed gasoline, exposed to a LOT of used motor oil.

Motor repair shop 1960's: We saved PCB laden oil from large motor starters and transformers and washed our hands in it to remove grease, often ate a sandwich immediately after! Also used Carbon Tet fire extinguishers to clean running motors.

Contracting: 1960 to 1990's: installed many steel chimneys using sheet asbestos wrapping to insulate from nearby flammable items, had a paste I mixed to glue it on.

Manufacturing Engineer: 1967 to 2006, exposed to many solvents, fumes and chemicals in the early days including Toluene, Trichloroethane 111, Acetone, Freon, Formaldehyde, Plating chemicals etc.

Hobby's: Shooting / reloading 1960's to present: cast thousands of lead bullets (indoors), shot same. Woodworking: used many gallons of solvent based coatings, sprayed gallons (usually outside) but brushed / applied gallons inside. (Never have used a respirator) also painted with a lot of lead based paint. Gardening: Used just about every Pesticide known to man.

In addition, I drank many gallons of unpasteurized milk, handled and ate many eggs just out of the henhouse, sure much of the time I butchered chicken I was exposed to Salmonella. Spent many days in the woods, exposed to all types of poison plants with no effects. Swam in local creeks, sometimes had to get out of the water to let cattle / hog excrement float past. Doubt I swam many times without swallowing some water! Also smoked cigarettes for over 55 years - know I should stop but doubt it would have any effect now.

In conclusion, I am still pretty healthy, do have type two diabetes (under control). Still active, I guess some of the things I have done will kill me sooner or later, but don't know of any person but one that hasn't died, feel sure the Good Lord will determine when and how. At this point in my life I certainly am not going to worry about minor exposure to any chemicals, out gassing etc., think the people that worry suffer more than those exposed!

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