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Don Stephan
Carpet sliders are an interesting concept, but I'm not comfortable incorporating something with which I have no experience in a result for another. I did think about UHMW or felt strips for use on a wood floor, but expect if grit happened to get underneath the floor would gt scratched.

Yesterday I learned the bedroom floor is wood, but of course that could change with time.

She wants to maximize the amount of storage space under the bed, and doesn't want to have to move a nightstand to access the headboard end drawer, so a box won't work.

There is a concern that the roller casters, such as on roller frames to support long boards through a table saw or planer, are hard metal and could mar some floors.

Woodcraft sells "corner casters" that are partially hidden if the four sides of the drawer extend below the bottom, but still would have a net height of 2 1/4" to the bottom of the drawer bottom. The lowest overall height I found is at McMaster Carr and still has an overall height of 2". They are $28.40 each, and the Woodcraft corner casters $16.75 for a set of 4. Of course, no comparison of
quality and performance under load, but how heavy can a drawer of shoes be?

I have given further thought to William's suggestion to cut out the corners of the drawer bottom and mount the casters higher. I don't think it would add so very much additional time after all, but not sure how much surface area would be lost on the drawer bottom.

Think I'll ask her to find a stack of books totalling 3" (corner caster + 1/2" plywood drawer bottom + 1/4" fudge factor) and see if she can fit every shoe, upright or on its side, between the book and bed frame.

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