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The problem with a little chemistry....

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The people making this stuff and the professionals using it are vastly more exposed to these materials than the piddly amount we as amateurs are exposed to. If the people making these chemicals, who are closely monitored, or the professional finishers, are not suffering harm, why are the rest of you all fretting? Unjustifiably, I would conclude.

People pump gasoline without a respirator yet fret over some varnish fumes. Makes no toxicological sense. With excessive exposure gasoline would be more harmful but neither is a problem if used as directed.

There are dozens of kinds of glycol ethers. Some have more toxicity than others. Stuff gets formulated with the least toxic of them all and none pose any risk at our exposure levels. Some of the paint/finish coalescing agents aren't glycol ethers.

If you all are not willing to accept that products out there are safe as directed for use you are going to have a stressful life and die prematurely of stress, not chemical exposure.

I have an otherwise seemingly intelligent neighbor that avoids the "risk" of white flour in favor or whole wheat, oblivious to the fact that 99+% of the population has, and seems to now, survive with white flour. Maybe there is a need to feel special when it comes to risk and feel risk even when it is obvious that others are not suffering.

I would not otherwise care except that all this chemophobia causes useful to me products to disappear- moisture cured urethane varnish and polycarbonate plastic objects, for example. Out high school and undergraduate chem classes are not preparing people to face chemical toxicology descisons.

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