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Re: Curing a large "cookie" to make a table (or tw

john lucas
You don't need cut it as long as you slow the drying down as much as possible. I hate pentacryl. seal both the top and bottom with Endgrain sealer. You can get it at Woodcraft. Until you can get some cover it in plastic but don't do this for very long because it will start to mold.
Once you seal all the surfaces keep it in an area with little air movement, no sunshine or heat other than the natural heat. You want this thing to dry slow. It may take longer than a year but if you try to dry it at a faster rate than it wants it will crack.
I cut a 2 1/2" thick slice off of a maple about 24" in diameter. It's down to 14% after a year and half in a shed that has water running through it when it rains. I just moved it into my shop to dry further.

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