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Jim Dillon
Stuart, I use LastPass. If I understand your question, once you have LastPass activated in your browser it monitors your login activity and will ask after you have entered the site if you want to store that site for its password "vault" thus permitting you to log into that site (either manually or automatically) in the future. Regarding user names, they are entered automatically depending on what you use at the login site. I started out slowly at an unimportant web site to get a feeling for how the software operates etc. Then moved on to more important sites. The only glitch I've encountered is somehow the software "disappeared" from my browser (Chrome) window. I reinstalled the software, retyped my master password and everything was good again. I breathed a sigh of relief! As I understand it, the "vault" containing your passwords is not actually stored on your computer but in the cloud somewhere - all encrypted. I use LastPass to generate very secure passwords all the time - passwords that I could never possibly remember. I believe you can also print out a list of your sites, user names and passwords.
Hope this helps. Jim

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