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Curing a large "cookie" to make a table (or two?) *PIC*

Hi! I grabbed a large "cookie" of wood from a sugar maple that was taken down two days ago on my college campus. This looked like a candidate for a table, so egged on by folks in Physical Plant, I grabbed it and it's currently in my car. The dimensions are roughly 49" x 38" x 6.5".

I got advice (and more encouragement) from a local firm (Creative Woodworking) who has given me advice about how to dry it but recommend that I get it sliced into the right dimensions (basically slice it in half along the width), paint the four sides with Pentracryl, stack on stickers, and wait a year. It's probably going to have to live in the top of my garage (a bit concerned that there isn't a lot of air movement up there).

Any opinions on this plan appreciated!

My immediate question is this: I have found a mill to slice the wood but I can't take it there until next week. Should I cover it in my car to slow any immediate drying?

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