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John McGaw
I can only reply with reference to RoboForm, the password manager I've been using for years. I'll try to keep this non-technical.

The main answer is that the manager does not tamper with whatever you have set up for user names and passwords or whatever you have to recall and repeat to log in -- you go to the site's login page and enter the correct information and then tell the manager to remember that information. Up until that time it knows nothing about what is going on. From then on when you tell the manager to log into the same site it will go to the proper URL and fill in the login form with whatever it remembered before and then trigger the login.

The manager also as the ability to remember the contents of other forms you may sometimes fill out, save secure notes, generate 'good' passwords, check all of the memorized passwords for their quality and to see if you have used the same on on multiple sites. RoboForm saves your passwords and other data in an encrypted file on your computer and on their own servers as a backup. If you run the manager on multiple computers the data on the external server serves to synchronize.

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