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John K Jordan
Ha! It took me a couple of minutes to find it: I took the picture on my 55th birthday, May 22, 2005 at 9:06am

The biggest difference in the site now is another obnoxious cell tower (although I do like having cell service out at the point!) But I have a confession to make - the original photo had a cell tower that I removed with Photoshop. I feel so ashamed...

We've gone to the Outer Banks every year since 1979, sometimes more than once. Well, every year except for last year when the hurricane stopped us in Frank Penta's neighborhood.

I actually took a hat this year intending to get a new sightings photo. Unfortunately it didn't work out. I got to my intended location (on the new Shelly Island) a bit too late with not enough time to set up. The sky was breathtaking but I had no way to light the foreground properly and control the depth of field as the light faded. I took some shots anyway with various exposures but even the Photoshop magic would not have made a believable photo! You can at least see the sky (and sort of where the hat would have been visible otherwise. Ha!

It was still a great time though!

I have taken a few in Europe over the last few years but none good enough to send. Hey, you might be humored by a WC shirt shot, on a bridge in Murano, Venice. Caught yacking with someone, of course!


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