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building a tapered reamer for windsor chairs

john lucas
I have a question. I am pretty sure it was in a book or article by John Alexander on how to build a tapered reamer using key hole saw blade. I have his older book and it's not in there or any of my other chair maker books. I built my first one leaving the teeth on and sharpening the other side with a burr. I'm wanting to make another one with no saw teeth. What I'm wondering is should I put an edge on the metal similar to a cabinet scraper plane that is sharpened at an angle and then a burr raised. Or do I make the edge square and raise a burr similar to a cabinet scraper. I think maybe the article on making these was in either a later version of John Alexanders book or was in an article somewhere. Anyone know about this. The reason I'm asking is a need a cleaner looking hole for some legs to a campaign chair I'm building for a lady. The rough hole works well but I have used that chairs that are never dissassmbled. On these I would just like it to look cleaner.

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