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I'd suggest an experiment to put your mind at ease

Dick Coers
Take some scrap. Butt glue up a piece of that size hardwood to the plywood and let it sit overnight. Then try and break it off the plywood. I'm betting it takes a strike with a hammer to break the joint. That said, If you want a really good registration method, run a groove around the table top with an 1/8" slotting bit, same with the edge band, and glue in a ripped piece of hardwood for the spline. When I was in business, I usually used 1/8" untempered hardboard for the spline. Never had one come off. I consider a loose tenon overkill for this application.
A question, have you ever seen that biscuit swelling issue in person? I never have and I used the biscuits by the thousands in business. But, I don't consider it the best method for precise alignment.
If I was building the table, I would have applied a narrower edge band to the plywood and then veneered over that assembly. Just my preference, but with color differences between veneer and hardwood, I think the top presents better. Also no worry about bringing the edge band flush to the veneer.

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