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Reinforcing an edgebanding *PIC*

Alan Young
Next project in my shop to finish up is a Dutch Pullout Trestle Table. The main top finish size will be 42" wide and 72" Long. I have fabricated a plywood/Walnut veneer top that will be edge banded in solid Walnut. For a variety of reasons-all related to the space logistics of my shop- This plywood/veneer top is 39.5'" wide and 69.5" long.

So my edge banding needs to be 1.25" wide. Because of several layers of glue the thickness of the top and therefore the edge banding is 13/16".

I am planning the glue-up process for the edge banding. In the Old Days of the New Yankee workshop Norm was using biscuits on many projects from table top edge gluing to face frame/carcass glue ups etc. The biscuit usage seems to have disappeared-1. because in many cases the biscuits swelled with the glue and telegraphed through the solid wood -2 they were replaced with Festool Domino loose tenon type products.

The aspect ratio of my edge banding leaves me uneasy if I just use glue with no other mechanical re-enforcement of the glue-up. Am I over worrying this? or should I cut grooves in the banding and plywood and insert shop made solid wood biscuits....?

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