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Barry Irby
I think Bill and Ellis answered two different questions.

Bill (I think) was talking about the clearance between the framing of the house and the Jamb.

Ellis was talking about the clearance between the door and it's jamb.

Both are correct.

Locally, door openings are framed 2" wider than the door and 2" taller. So a 30" wide by 80" tall door would get a 32" by 82" opening in the framing. this would allow for pluming the jamb and squaring the oping and for the door to be raised about an inch off the floor. this assumes the thickness of the jamb material is about 3/4"

Allow about an 1/8" up both sides and across the top. The hinge edge of the door may be square, but the strike or knob side needs to be beveled about 3 to 5 degrees to allow for the swing.

Given all that 5/16" is pretty thin for the stops. Most I have worked with are about 3/8 or 7/16" thick.

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