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Re: Historical use of cyanoacrylate glue

John K Jordan
>>>Just wondering just how much the "glue" is adding to the adherence of the polished metal plates! When Wringing* gages to insure measurements on a surface plate are accurate the adhesion is such that the only way to separate the gages is to slide them apart.

Is that the same principle that causes two gold blocks to bond under pressure?

From what very little I've read about metal to metal adhesion with extremely flat and polished surfaces I'm guessing that any CA between the surfaces would negate any adhesion due to the wringing, as would any distortion of a plate due to the amount of force in that lift. But perhaps a CA-metal surface is joined by the same or similar principle as the wringing with the advantage of the liquid filling in any microscopic irregularities in the metal. ??

But wild guesses like these beg for an experiment using new gage blocks, with and without CA glue.
Hey, lets use your gage blocks instead of mine. :)


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