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Functionally equivalent

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Latest Fine Woodworking has a review of DT saws.

I just finished putting together 8 large drawers with these saws. The problem is that I am comparing a LN saw that I have had for years and have refilled 3 times. Most of the set is filed out of it. As received, the LV saw had too much set for my taste and I ground some away. I found my self choosing between them by how much I wanted to steer the saw when cutting. Because it was getting slightly dull the LN was easier to start on the 3/8" sides for some of the drawers. For the thicker sides I reached for the LV. You will note that this statement is opposite what two others wrote and there is a reason. I am talking about subtle differences that have all to do with sharpening and dulling and nothing to do with form. Both saws benefit from lifting up to take the weight off the blade for starting a cut.

The bottom line of it is that there is no functional difference. As usual the LV tool has exceptional ergonomics. If $ is a factor the LV is as good as any other. If looks or tradition are important and $ no object go for a traditional saw. Neither choice will hold you back making these joints.

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