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Pricing is a factor, experience is another.

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have both the Lie Nielsen 15 tpi dovetail saw and the Lee Valley/Veritas 14 ppi dovetail saw.

Both saws are excellent. I would argue that the LN is for the more advanced user, since it comes with an aggressive zero rake. The LV has a more relaxed 14 degrees. This makes the LN cut faster, but the LV is easier to start a cut.

As I recall, the LV is almost half the price of the LN. That will certainly influence someone starting out, as will the softer start.

Neither my saws are in original state since I have had them some years, and I have refiled the teeth. My own preference is for a more aggressive saw (the LN). I could pick up either of these saws and use either one very happily.

Regards from Perth


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