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Re: drawer lube and a dovetail editorial

Hank Knight
Barry, I agree that a jig has it's place. Dovetailing a number of drawers is probably there one that comes most quickly to mind. I saved my small Leigh jig for that very purpose. But, if you're like me, learning to operate the Leigh jig, and others I suppose, is not an intuitive task. I found that I used the jig so little that I had to go back and relearn the procedure every time I hauled it out. If you're cutting a hundred dovetails, that exercise is probably worth the time. If you're building two drawers or a case with relatively few, hand cutting is much faster. Once you learn how to do it, the muscle memory stays with you and you don't need to relearn it. I do occasionally do a few practice saw cuts first if I haven't cut any dovetails in a while, but it's a quick 5 minutes and I'm ready to go.

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