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Re: drawer lube and a dovetail editorial

Hank Knight
Your point about encouraging beginners to learn to cut dovetails by hand is well taken. If they are so terrified of having their work criticized that they won't try it, they're stuck. My point is that the learning curve doesn't stop once one learns to stick two boards together; it may as well include improving one's technique to the point that one can produce dovetails that will stand scrutiny of the woodworking club tyrants. (BTW, club tyrants are the reason I've never participated in my local woodworking club.) Some pieces of furniture have dovetail joinery that shows. The desk I'm working on is one such piece. The top and the sides are joined with half blind dovetails that are clearly visible from the top of the piece. If all I knew how to do was hack out a set of dovetails to stick a drawer together, I would be terrified at the thought of taking a saw and a chisel to the prettiest walnut boards I've ever seen. Instead, I'm confident of my ability to cut attractive, well fitting dovetails and I'm looking forward to the task.

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