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Down cut router bit question

Barry Irby
There is a local tool reseller. I stopped in yesterday and rummaged in his "junk drawer". He deals mostly in metal working tools but ended up with a box of router bits and other woodworking odds and ends.

I bought an Onsrud 57-325L solid carbide 3/8" end mill. It was mislabeled and at the time I did not realize the "L" meant it is left hand. I bought several from him in the past that did not have the "L" and they work very well in a router.

I started this post wondering if I could use it as a downcut spiral bit but now realize the sharp edges of the flutes face the wrong way. In order for this to cut, the bit would have to be rotating counter-clockwise. Do milling machines run in both directions? Have I completely misunderstood what I have? Or is this a tiny boat anchor?

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