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The problem with that training routine
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The advice could work for someone that spends time in the shop to spend time in the shop. Anyone needing a place to store their socks, or provide their granddaughters a place to store their socks, is not going to postpone the project a month so that they can make flauntable dovetails for the project.

I have taught people to make functional dovetails in a half day and that is good enough for a place to hold your socks.

I have 2-3 month gaps between my need to make dovetails. And the wood may differ, which has an effect on the details of how much a scribe line is split. If my goal was flauntable dovetails I would need to practice some for each project. I get no personal reward from practice nor would it lead to any functional benefit to a sock drawer. So I forge ahead. By the time I am done with 8 drawers for a project I am getting pretty good at it, and more efficient. Now efficient I get a reward from.

Of more practical benefit to Barry and others in need of a place to put your socks, somewhere on the internet is a picture gallery of dovetails someone has found in furniture. My training advice is to practice a few and when they are as good as those in the pictures get on with making stuff an don't worry about what others think. Success is a drawer that holds together.

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