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drawer lube and a dovetail editorial
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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
"Either way I am going to sand them smooth and wax them"

Yes. Shellac, sand with 320, maybe shellac a second time, sand again if rough and wax. Drawers will be near frictionless.

Editorial: What I despise about the emphasis on flauntable dovetails is that this emphasis discourages people from trying/using them and you are the latest example. "Well, your dovetails are not perfect. You must be a unskilled/novice/sloppy woodworker", they conclude, and worse, proclaim. Or at least the novice fears this evaluation.

Why not look at someone's finish instead to make a judgment of the makers worth (or best of all the whole of it- design, assemble, finish)? By this metric Krenov was not very skilled. It doesn't take much talent to rub a thin coat of shellac on something. I am more impressed by an expertly applied durable finish than I am by some aspect of furniture assembly I have to search out to see. Some fret over an imperfect dovetail. I look for orange peel. And some of you have it, or at least did. But I remain silent on the judgment.

If your dovetails hold the drawer together that is all you granddaughters will care about. After you risk the scorn of your fellow woodworkers by making a few less than perfect ones you will eventually get reasonable good at good as you want to be at least. So get out there and saw some. As out of focus as you pictures are nobody will notice if they are perfect. ;) The Lie Neilsen video is a good teaching aid.

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