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Barry Irby
The drawers are poplar I harvested where they were widening a road and had it sawed and air dried it. Resawed some 5/4 and let it dry further. Dovetailed the boxes with a Leigh jig. The runners in the chest are quarter sawn white oak from a tree that fell on my rental house. Beautiful pieces with lots of medulary rays. So I have softer drawers on harder runners. The runners are cut with a rabbet top and bottom for the drawer to run in and a dovetail on the back to slide into the chest. The cherry fronts are applied to the boxes.

I have one coat of shellac on the boxes. I think I am going to apply a second coat. You suggested a foam brush and that worked well. Thanks. Either way I am going to sand them smooth and wax them. The drawers slide nicely now and I think they will get better.

Trying to screw up my courage and hand cut some dovetails. I read your posts on DT's recently and am chasing it around in my head. The Leigh jug does a fine job, but I am not sure you have really made dovetails until you don them by hand.

Thanks for your help.

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