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Re: WC Weekend Accomplishments....

Mark Nowicki
Putzed around in the shop.
Flattened and waxed my bench, somewhat fettled (220 grit only) the Stanley 4 1/2 I got last year and tried it on some cherry.

Watched a Paul Sellers video and make an oiler in a can as per his instructions.

Played around with my planes using my INCA top as a reference flat surface.
The best one is the Stanley 8.

Sharpened a few blades.

Re purposed a couple of ladder bookshelves I build for the twins about 15 years ago.
All my seventies vintage Hi-Fi is functioning again, especially my Marantz 6300 turntable.

Had Thanksgiving supper on Sunday, afterwards the kids wanted to hear Sgt Pepper.

It was a great week-end.

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WC Weekend Accomplishments....
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