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John K Jordan
John, I've cut and dried quite a bit of dogwood and have seen a variety of colors. Most is a white or creamy white with a dark brown heart. Often the wood has a pinkish cast, sometimes darker, occasionally with a variety of colors. Some was a darker, especially when spalted. All of it darkens with age. The salt mill is maybe 8-10 years old and is much darker now, perhaps a sort of creamy brown.

Dogwood is one of my favorite woods to turn since it is hard and fine-grained. Besides boxes and things I use it for functional things like tool handles and spinning wheel parts. Excellent for thin spindles.

Some other things with some variety of color, the light used to photograph makes a huge difference, of course.
Toothpick box:

2nd and 4th batons

Straight off the tool, with no sanding

This box was quite pink when turned.

A well smacked mallet.


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