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Wood Sealer

Lee Ohmart
Thanks for all the replies on sealing the pine log I have. After reading through and doing some looking around on the internet, I decided to make up some wood sealer from items I had on hand. I put a tin pot on a hotplate with 3 ounces of linseed oil and turned it up to medium heat. I then tossed in a couple of chunks of beeswax about the size of a walnut and topped up the pot with turpentine to make about a pint. This was slathered on both ends of the log. The log now sits in my garage where it will stay until cold weather comes and the humidity drops. Then it will be wheeled into the woodshop equipped with a dehumidifier so the humidity stays ant a relatively constant level. I figure after about a year it should be ready to cut in half and begin work.

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