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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Bruce

I cannot subscribe to that view .... if one builds with an eye to what is seen, then what is not seen is vulnerable to being second rate.

Why should I make traditional mortice-and-tenon joints? After all, how would anyone tell the difference between this and a domino?

Why should I build a cabinet using full blind dovetails? They look like mitres from the outside.

Why not cut all my dovetails on a jig with a router ... if they are of little aesthetic value?

I think of it this way: some cars are basic, and that is perfectly OK. Others have refinements that are appreciated by their owners, who are willing to pay for the extra time and thought that went into them. These are two different worlds. I would not like to see them being reduced to one rule. If someone is building a reproduction, then reproduce it warts and all. But that does not constitute the only way.

Regards from Perth


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