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How much time saved? ()

"I'd like the next generation in my family to admire my precision instead of wondering why I sawed past the line."

I don't particularly care what other people think, but I feel as you do because one thing you can be pretty sure about is they will not understand the endless trees we burned arguing about all this. They will not think we did it because "grandad was defined by his efficiency; his love of precision; his self-identification in old pieces of furniture. They are just going to think we sucked.

Basically this is proto-political: Like chairman Mao wearing pyjamas to be "with the people";, or all those execs who roll up their sleeves and take their jackets off as though they just got back from a lunchbox break outdoors and are going to settle into 4 hours of hot lathe work. How does one define oneself, and what inauthentic act would one commit for the crowd. It's just easier to pass excellence off as excellence, it leaves less room for misunderstanding, though it isn't as PC as it once was.

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