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Fencing *PIC*

John K Jordan
Yikes, here's to best wishes the CPAP will do the trick. I know several people who use that and it worked wonders for them.

I am celebrating!! After weeks of effort I finally finished rebuilding the fence around the horse pasture!

A girl who works with the horses here has been teaching the big gelding Cole and the mare Sienna to jump.

Then Cole decided he should practice on the pasture fence. I put the horses on a dry lot while I ripped out the fence and built a taller one - . The fence is done! If you have never experienced the joy of fencing even a simple fence is a lot of work - this one is nearly 2000 ft of electric fence, wooden posts at key points, 175 metal posts pounded into the ground by hand, three gates, a trench dug to span each gate with undergound cable, three strands on the fence: conductive rope and tape and solid wire in some places for strength.

I like to use the white tape since one horse is blind and MAYBE he can see light/dark - and if he runs into it maybe he won't get hurt too much. (The tape looks twisted since it is - the twist keeps it from fluttering in the wind and wearing out prematurely.)

So nice to get it done. Now I have no excuse for slacking and can get back to work!


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