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Domino tip

jesse cloud
Here's a fast and easy way to make the elongated holes for the screws:

Match a domino cutter to be a little larger than your screw head and a second, smaller cutter a little larger than the threaded part of the screw.

Set the depth of cut for the large cutter to a little more than the thickness of your screw head and cut a mortise, then set the depth of cut for the small cutter to a little deeper than the board, e.g. a through cut.

Voila, an elongated hole for the screw inside a 'counterbored' elongated hole to hide the screw head.

This works best if you clamp a piece of scrap for a fence and mark the center of the desired cuts on the board. Try it on some scrap and you will be convinced!!
Of course, you will want to cut all the big holes before doing the others to avoid unneeded bit changes.

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