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Midnight hoodlums?

Dick Coers
as I study the problem i am now believing that the trunnion on my saw has been tampered with and will not ever engage as it should at the 45 angle

Someone broke into your shop and tampered with the trunnion? Those evil sneaky bastards! The first unisaw I bought came from a metal working shop. It was a bargain, but I had not, nor even seen close to the abuse that machine endured again! The table top had thousands of dings in it from metal dropping on it. The trunnion and just about everything under the table was full of aluminum shavings. And craziest of all was the abuse on the rack and pinion. The pinion was almost worn to a nub. Moral to the story, it can be a nightmare under the table. Vacuum, clean, lube and adjust often!

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