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Re: Top on Chest of Drawers question *PIC*

Gary Smyth
The top can be anchored at the front and even 23 gauge nails can be used further back as they have less mass than other fasteners and some flex (less desirable though). Far better to use screws with elongated holes or table top clips and allow for wood movement. I have to ask. Why is this a concern only now?

As for the finish why even consider not finishing before assembly of a new piece? I understand that it takes more time and the wait seems to last forever but take the time now while the weather is warm and humidity low.

As has been pointed out on lifting by the top, if you don't provide another option it will be lifted from the top as few people remove the drawers and lift by the frame. I don't know if you have room, but there are always lifting handles to be placed on the cabinet sides. There are many styles to choose. They are made from chromed steel, brass, bronze, stainless, to iron. Colors are available too. All function similar to campaign or Tansu furniture. Williamsburg uses them on at least one of their desks and the Bachelors chest also. If your top overhangs the sides by even 3/4" the bail style handles will not increase the footprint of the chest. Leather may also work. If you use marine deck or air transport style flush handles you don't have to worry about an overhang at all. If a looking at a bail style, look for a limiting stop to prevent squeezed fingers. On less formal designs two cup handles on each side will make movers pleased you included them.

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