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Re: First read that as 6,000 bales

John K Jordan
This was 150 bales - I estimated the weight. So far this year I've bought about 450 bales of a variety of grasses.

I do prefer to buy hay by weight but none of the producers around here do that now. A bale can be 60 lbs or 30 lbs - I got some once that were so light, probably 25 lbs, I could lift one with one finger. AND the hay was worthless. AND the guy shorted me by 10 bales. When I bought compressed bales on pallets they were sold by the ton - it was expensive but high quality, lab tested, and I knew exactly what I was getting.

I used to cut hay on my own fields until I fenced them for pasture. One year I sold hay out of the field for $1.50/bale, 1st cutting. Then a drought hit that year and by winter time I had to buy hay at $10/bale. And it was awful hay! :(


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