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Re: Triton - non existing customer service

Barry Irby
Based on the premise "You can't break something that is already broken."

I go back to the suggestion of impact. Rotary impact.

Use a wrench and lock the shaft to a solid object or vice. Use a second wrench on the collet nut and strike that one with a smallish hammer making it a sharp blow. DO NOT use any internal locking mechanism if the router has one.

If a deep well 1/2" drive socket will fit over the bit and engage the collet nut take it and the router to some sort of shop (Tire shop?) that would have an impact wrench and let them try without even locking the shaft.

Locally we have a tool repair shop that could do this, maybe.

While you can't break something that is already broken, you can finish it off, Right now you have a dedicated router, at least until that bit gets tool dull.

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