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So are we talking laminated and clear coated? Then the only sensible way is to laminate the blocks with epoxy, use no layers thicker than 3/4" and coat with epoxy. Coat with some Captains Varnish or a 2 pack clear. Anything much short of that will, fail, and there is a good chance that will fail, of course you can get lucky with anything. The main problem is that glues are moisture barriers, wood moves differentially, big pieces move more. Unless you proceed as mentioned, then the best bet is one piece real wood.

If we are talking stacked and raw wood exposed to the weather, it probably doesn't mater what glue you use, assuming it is just tenons. As near as possible to a solid piece would be the ideal. Finish with Decks Olje, or something similar, or leave it to the weather.

Another option is to simply encase an aluminum tube, like beads over it. Then you have a structure without any need to worry about the beads or coves becoming pathways to water, that will destroy the integrity.

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