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If you were a turner

John lucas
There is a trick us turners do to avoid cracks in end grain slices. Turn them thin and cone shaped. The reason the wood cracks is the outside is drying and shrinking faster than the inside. Since the inside is now bigger than the outside some thing has to give so you get a crack . If you turn the wood thin it can warp instead of Crack. It's hard to control the warp on a flat piece. If you turn it cone shaped as it warps it stays pretty much cone shaped but will get taller with the wood movement.
Removing the pith and some of the surrounding woof helps but not as much as you might think. If you don't want to do the plastic bag trick I mentioned above seal both sides with at least 2 layers of end grain sealer and put it somewhere out of the sun and wind and off of
F the ground. It will take a lot longer to dry but it will dry with end grain sealer on it.

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