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Dry it slow- really slow
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John C Lucas
Ie only had a couple.of larger slices over the years. Have one right now that is 22" out of whire oak. It is drying on a shed with water that runs through it every time it rains. Its doing well so far. I will go out and measure the moisture content i a few minutes.

I have dried lots of smaller ones on the 6 to 8 inch range. I put them in plastic bags and turn the bag inside out e ery day for.the first few months. After that i put them in a paper sack. For species.that i know crack badly i keep.them i the plastic a lot longer. The plastic bag slows the drying tremendously but would probably be a pain for the size you are talking about. I think you would be ok to simply put the bag over it leaving the bottom loose. on concrete somewhere wont get bugs. The reason for turning the bag inside out is to speed the drying and to.reduce the mold so if you forget cor a few days no problem. Logs.typically dont even remotely follow.the year per inch ( which is just a remote guidline anyway). However since your drying mostly end grain it does follow it somewhat.

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