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John K Jordan
I've never had wet redwood or know about drying it specifically. I do know that some species crack and split horribly and other don't. For example, local hardwoods like dogwood and cherry can get radial cracks - dogwood might open up 10 degrees. Other species, such as eastern red cedar, might not. I've had cedar rounds not split at all. I have zero knowledge about how redwood behaves.

If you had access to several slices perhaps you could try several things. Let one dry as is. Make a radial cut on one. Wrap one in layers of paper to slow the drying. I also wonder if you can do something on the hidden bottom to relieve the stresses.

I've seen plenty of pictures of redwood slices made in to furniture and things, some with no cracks. How were these treated and dried? One thing might be call some of the suppliers of such slices and ask them for recommendations.


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