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Triton - non existing customer service *PIC*

Svante Nilsson

Triton routers are really innovative and are superb for table mount, but their customer service......

Almost 10 years ago I purchased my first Triton TRA 001. It worked fine but I had problem with that the collet did not fully secure the router bit. I mailed Triton twice but did not get any answer. I contacted Toolstop (a tool dealer in England) and discussed the matter. They told me that the collet on their updated model had a new better design. As the router was 8 years and it had some unique featurs I decided to buy a new one last summer.

It worked fine initially, but soon I had problem with the collet again. The router bit slipped and destroyed an ash door. Again I contacted Toolstop who recommended me to tighten the collet VERY HARD. So I did and it had worked fine until two weeks ago when the collet nut was impossible to unscrew.

I have mailed Triton twice. In their automatic mail response they state that they will answer in two days.

On Monday it will be two weeks and still no help from Triton.

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