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john lucas
I thought about that but I think he will just prop it up beside his lazy boy recliner when not in use. Don't know. He just called me out of the blue. He is a retired Journalism professor that I worked with for many years. I had not seen him since we both retired 5 years ago. I get a call saying he wants to have lunch and has something to show me. He never asked it I wanted to do it he just sort of gave me the drawings and we started discussing how he wanted it done. I figured what the heck. He's a nice guy. I hired many of his students to work in the photo lab and as extra photographers. 2 of them worked with me very closely. One was working on an engineering degree. Quit school and became a very successful photographer in Knoxville. The other quit school and move to Florida to become a private investigator. He was very good at finding things about people on the internet. while he was there he wrote some kind of program that the baseball teams are using and the Yankee's hired him. Now he runs their digital media.
Anyway after my Dad passed at 94 I'm much more sensitive to the needs of people in the 90's age bracket.

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