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Flat work *PIC*

john lucas
OK I'm mostly known as a turner. I had a 91 year old friend ask me to build a lap desk for him and a phone table. Even after making 3 or 4 sketches I still wasn't exactly sure what he wanted on the phone table. A box on top to hold the phone and a tray to hold the phone books and notebooks. I hope I got it right. I did modify it by making the legs curved and added the details to the Walnut pieces. Of course as a turner I had to add some turning details. The walnut inserts in the lap desk were turned and of course the spindles on the table. The stick on the top is so he can push and pull the phone table closer to his easy chair. He is going through Chemo treatments for some type of cancer. I didn't ask what kind. I doubt there will be any money involved so I made it from scraps I had around the shop which is why the woods are so strange.

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