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Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
Mr. Nall did, however, appear to have an ongoing project that, unfortunately, he was unable to set aside when joining our Merry Band. He was more interested in promoting writing in his home dialect than in learning about woodworking. He was in so much of a hurry to write something that he repeatedly misread the message(s) he was responding to or posed questions in unclear, if not cluttered or cumbersome text, that may have been attempts at humor that fell flat with WC readers. When what his previous correspondents viewed as charming didn't have the intended effect here, he got pissed off. With his repeated failures at communication coupled with his refusal to modify the behavior that was apparently so vital to him, he left himself little choice but to seek other outlets for his project.

His self-imposed exile does not, therefore, fit the profile of a troll. If he were a troll, primarily seeking to disrupt, he'd have doubled down on everything until Bill or Ellis simply banned and blocked him from the website.

Don't know if he had anything to actually contribute, with either knowledge or well thought-out clear questions, but now we won't know.

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