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Re: Sliding barn door hardware *LINK* *PIC*

Gary Smyth
There is some hardware that that doesn't straddle the door but attaches to one side of the door. It bolts through the face or some perhaps the top so a 1" thickness ought to not matter. The top rail usually extends outward enough for clearance but expect some empty space on the sides of something less than a full width door. I don't know prices and there are many styles. I do know that cross bracing on the door is recommended. I would think that some moulding would solve any objectionable spaces.

Artisan Hardware offers choices but you will have to check for your requirement. You ought to ask about some sort of keep or guide for the door bottom as well.
You might also wish to check houzz from link below. Nearly 200,000 listings with keywords of "barn door hardware". Some of the photos list sources.

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