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Re: A weekend for the birds

John K Jordan
>>>Once the guineas grow, are you going to invite some in for Sunday dinner?

I might as well, the hawks do!

The thing about free-range guineas is you just have to have enough so losing some isn't a problem. I have eleven left from a high of fifteen, eleven more half-grown, the eight chicks, and 25 eggs. Our friend has both incubators full - she sells a LOT of guineas all over the region. They certainly are entertaining. Dumber than rocks. They range all over our property and across the county road to some neighbor's yards. I tell the neighbors if they get to be annoying to let me know if they really do taste like chicken! The neighbors like them after they found out they like to eat ticks and baby snakes.

We saw guinea on the menu in several restaurants in Italy but never tried it until one day last year:

A neighbor was walking down the street with his kids looking for their dog. There in the road between us was a dead guinea, it's belly sliced open and still hot - was just killed seconds before. The guy said, "you reckon it got hit by a car?" and headed down the road. Just then some guineas down the road started making a big fuss. I heard the daughter - "I found Buddy - I think he DID kill that turkey! He was trying to catch some more!"

The father accepted all the responsibility I expected - I heard him tell the girl "Shhh! Shhh!"

With a fresh and clean kill we cooked up that one. I guess it was the time we had "road kill". :)


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