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Mark Mandell - Gone Round In New Jersey
it appears that there has been less than universal appreciation of your Act in other places.

Seems as though writing in fractured text, all-caps and all, is more important to you than seeking information or sharing knowledge about the central and guiding topic of this board, woodworking. If that's a correct observation then you won't, in fact, be comfortable here. While you won't find a precinct house of the grammar police lurking here, neither will you encounter a group who gives special recognition to some cutesie schtick that substitutes for worthwhile contributions, has nothing to do with the topic, or functions as an ingratiating attempt at a mask.

Most posters on this board will use a colloquialism from time to time. Language can certainly be flexible and entertaining as part of the message. But when the goal of the text overtakes the topic, the message value is diminished. As a writer, you should be well aware of that concept. Book editors tend to be rather brutal in that respect.

Mr. Nall, if your goal here is to show us how well you write in dialect, you have, indeed, come to the wrong website. I'll wager there's a web forum somewhere that caters to that precise endeavor. But if you'd like to contribute to and benefit from the knowledge base that is WoodCentral, restrain your predilection and take advantage of what's so freely given here.

As noted when you first posted here, there's no shortage of bib overalls around here. But nobody's pushing their Oshgosh B'goshes or Carhartts as haute couture.

If you insist on withdrawing, go in peace.

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