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Wood River is a good choice
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Joseph Piotrowski
I'm not a "new tool" basher. i never find the time to spend looking for a flea market finds, ebay has been hit or miss for me. i also don't enjoy the tinning up part( its good to know how to do it).
id rather work the wood and not the tool. so the only two possible places IMO to buy are new and few antique resale shops that only sell quality antique tools that are much better than ebay finds. however you can't brag about some 30 dollar find that most people can't replicate and certainly not timely.

i have a pretty good array of planes these days(old woodies, ec primus, veritas ,custom made,lie Nielsen, old stanleys, new stanley. i now have 2 wood river planes. a number 3 and a 41/2 and i find these far superior to my flea market/ ebay planes.

Having said that.. i do use my stanley #6 corrugated bottom plane a lot. it needs more tweaks but i have a few other item to get first before i replace it. and when i look to replace it, a wood river would be a great option.

i do have a ec primus jointer. it's very long but no too heavy, it might be equivalent to a number 8. i do find i like it more for edge jointing.

one thing to consider is a number #7 it might be nice in between tool. darn it i just think i talked my self into getting a number 7 instead of a number 6! lol.

anyway short story: i am pleased with the wood river planes. very pleased!

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