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Spray gun question...Bill Tindall????

Barry Irby
Bill, On your advice I bought a deVilbiss spray gun with a No 30 tip. (I think). It has a tiny cup and is syphon feed. the cup is so small it annoys me.

Is it possible to buy an adapter that allows the use of 3M's collapsible cups? Is that what you use? You remove the syphon tube and cup cover and install the adapter, right???? Then you can snap on the plastic cups? Will the syphon feed gun collapse the cups?

I have seen the adapters online, but did not know what they were for. I may still be wrong. I looked at them again, but do not see devilbiss listed in the applications.

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Spray gun question...Bill Tindall????
Re: Spray gun question...Bill Tindall????
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