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Re: Now that is the kind of information I was want

Barry Irby
What I was trying to figure out in this case was if smearing off with alcohol was better than waiting for the leather stage. I have waited with both epoxy and Titebond. Timing is important. Sometimes I don't have the luxury of timing. My woodworking can be a little disjointed. I make a glue up and have to leave before the leather stage occurs. Never mind the absence mindedness.

I did clean up the outside with a spreader. Actually a popsicle stick that was masquerading as a spatula. Somebody gave me about a thousand popsicle sticks and they are handy and disposable. And, you are fight, the exterior sanded nicely, just no way to sand the inside corners.

I was rather liberal with the alcohol. Trying not to leave any residue of the epoxy. So my query was whether alcohol leaking into the joint destroyed the epoxy.

What precipitated it was the recollection of what sugar will do to concrete. Way back when I worked in commercial construction. My boss accidentally ordered and entire truck load (8 Cubic Yards) of concrete too much. We had no place to put it and it was too far back to the plant to send it back. There was a grocery store nearby, I bought about a hundred pounds of sugar and we threw it into the truck and mixed it in. The concrete never set. Came out of the truck like a load of sand and gravel. Boss was happy, truck driver happy, concrete plant happy, I got a bonus....Actually he begrudgingly reimbursed me for the sugar. So, I was hoping alcohol was not sugar to epoxy.

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