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Barry Irby
I don't know what I don't know. One of the really cool things about woodworking is that it is a "vast" hobby or endeavor and there is much to know about many facets. There are the mechanics and chemistry of wood. Then there is finish. And adhesives. And many many things to know about tools.

It seems I leap from one facet of woodworking to another. Building a deck one day and a chest of drawers the next.

I cut some dovetails with a Leigh jig and one set turned up a little looser than they should have been. They were on the back of a drawer, so I glued them with thickened epoxy. Used sanding dust from the drawers themselves as thickener. Cleaned up with alcohol. After I realized what I was doing, I taped off the inside with blue tape. It was about 99% effective, but I got the last percent with alcohol. It did a good job, but I was wondering if I had ruined what was in the joints.

Thanks for the help.

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