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You already got'm squared up. Lay'm out way you want'm to look & number'm.Put a lite mark 6'' from each end, mark rest of length every 18'' er so. With'm turned up biscuit cut everyone of'm marks. On my 8' work table, I'd lay a 4x4 6' apart covered with wax paper.
According to your time for this, you can start in middle or what ever floats your boat,clock, but with the top turned down on those FLAT 4x4!! Do as many as you want/can using clamps. Is good idea to use a hammer to keep the ends square or saw'm off later. Let'm dry 24 at least, you got a lot of weight and width here.
All of this is so ya aint gotta work up a sweat with a plane, course ya could use something so all boards make contact with frame under neath.
Gonna quit, my head is EMPTY!!!!!!! Buck Nall from Alma, Ga.

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