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Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
John, I hope I don't confuse the issue farther but here is a fairly simple explanation. If you hook up a light bulb to one hot line of a 240V circuit, then hook up another light bulb of exactly the resistance / wattage to the other 240V hot line then tie the open side of the light bulbs together to a neutral and cut the neutral off so it doesn't lead anywhere else except to the two bulbs, the bulbs will light exactly as they would across a 120 volt hot/ neutral lines. This is because the voltage is divided between the two bulbs and each is dropping 120V across the bulb.

However if you change one of the bulbs to a different one of higher wattage, with the neutral cut off, the lower wattage one will be very bright and burn out soon, and the other will be very dim. Now if you hook the neutral up properly to the entrance panel the in the voltage drops will be eliminated as the neutral (which is hooked up to the center tap of the transformer on the utility line) will carry the "difference" in the amperage so both bulbs will have 120V across them. Clear as mud huh?

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